Friday, July 30, 2010

Be Prepared for Craft Shows

After setting up at a good amount of craft shows last year, I've decided that the reason my stuff didn't "look" so good is because I wasn't setting them up in a good way! If you're planning on setting up at a craft show or art market, here are some tips to help create a great table setting.

1. elevate! Don't put all your crafts flat on the table... that makes them look like a yard sale! Get some stacking boxes, cover them withpretty fabric or a sheet, and place you items on top or in a cute basket like this one:

This basket is like the ones I'm going to use at my table.

2. Use neutral colors as your backdrop. You don't want your table to look too busy, so keep with cream, white, brown colors for your table cloths, fabrics, and display cases. Any prints are going to make your table look like a jumbled mess! Here is an example of a nice table layout:

3. Be prepared. I can't tell you how many shows I relied on my sister to bring all the change money. Well, this year is going to be different! I'm going to bring at least $50 to make change with. The worst thing ever is having to run over to the snack stand begging for them to break a $20 bill!

4. Make signs. My friend Shannon and I are going to make some cute bistro chalkboard signs for our booth. That way we can reuse them next year and won't have to keep making paper signs that don't look that great! Good idea Shannon! Here is something like what we're doing:

I know that this year is going to turn out great for the shows that Shannon, my sister Jennifer, and I are being a part of. It's gonna be a good, crafty year people! Time to start crocheting now. Gotta go!

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