Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's that time of year: resolutions!

So here we are again. It's Dec. 30th, one day before the biggest night of the year, one night before my friend Abby's birthday, one day before all those resolutions I've been talking about should start coming into play.

This year resolutions:

1. Join a gym. I have been out of school since June. Which means I have not had a gym membership since then. And although I didn't frequent the university gym as much as I should have, I did go at least ten time a month. This time will be different. My boyfriend lives right next to a Fitworks. There's a promotion for 14.95 a month with no contracts going on. Wow. That is great! Most gyms I was looking at were at least 25 a month, and you had to sign a contract. This is more in my budget.

Another cool thing about this particular gym is that it has a treadmill cinema room. Basically it's a movie theater but instead of seats, you have your choice of treadmill or elliptical machine. I usually do a mile on the treadmill, and then a half an hour on the elliptical. But if I'm watching a movie, perhaps I'll be able to do more?

I used the DSW gift card from my boyfriend's parents to buy a great new pair of running shoes. I have been wearing the same pair of running shoes since my tenth grade volleyball season. hmm... I think those are a little worn out, what do you think?

I have gained 6 pounds since I started dating Rick. Although I don't blame him entirely, I think that the many late night icecream presents and multiple nights for take out doesn't help. But, we both realize that we need to start excersising more, so we both have agreed to join Fitworks together, and make each other motivated and productive on toning up. I think it's always easier when you have another person to help you along the way. By this time next year I would like to be back to my lowest weight since college: 130 pounds. That means I have 12 months to lose 30 pounds. I think that's possible!

2. Join Etsy groups. So many people are members of some really interesting groups on etsy, however I have not taken advantage of them. My shop is finally starting to get more foot traffic, but not as much as I'd like.

3. Learn to crochet a cabled hat. I really want one. I have been feverishly stalking as many tutorials as I can, but I don't know the necessary stitches needed to make it.

4. Pay off ALL of my bills. Collectively my debt is pretty low, less than 2 thousand dollars (not counting student loans), so my goal starting in January is to pay 2 hundred dollars a month to any given bill, and pay off one of them at a time. This in turn will improve my credit rating and then, by this time next year, with the help of my loving sister, perhaps I will be able to get a new car, which is desperately needed considering my car is almost at 200,000 miles.

5. Open a savings account. I have not had one since the "Dino Savers" account in elementary school. Wow. That's pretty sad. For the past 5 years I have lived pay check to pay check but hoenstly I think that is pretty normal for a college student. Now that I have a full time job I should be able to put at least 25 dollars a pay check aside into a seperate account. And also 25 out of every 100 I make on Etsy should go into this account too. By this time next year I will have 900 dollars in my savings account. Which yes, isn't very much, but it's a start.

6. Buy what i NEED not only what I WANT. Yes Jessica, it's time to stop randomly online shopping.

7. Go grocery shopping. I hate the grocery. It's overwhelming and big, and I never know where anything is. BUT times are about to change. This will help not only with losing weight and eating better, but also with saving money. One grocery shopping trip per week of fifty dollars is compared to what I usually spend on food in one week: at least one take out meal a day: $35, plus whatever else I buy to eat for the remaining meals, probably evens out to be about $100 a week on food.

There we go. 7 resolutions for the upcoming year. I think I can hit every single one.

Updates along the way!

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