Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Craft Show #2

Well, craft show #1 is over and done with(thank goodness) and #2 is right around the corner! Feverishly making things whenever I have a chance is how I've been spending my evening all week, however, dabbling in new inventions has slowed down my process a bit. I was sticking to my plan of making one tutu a day, when I stumbled across the most beautiful ornament that I had no excuse but to try and make. Well, 3 hours later it still isn't done, and I am 1 tutu in the hole. Oh well! But the ornament is very pretty and most likely I will give it to my aunt for Christmas.

My giftboxes have become a big hit on etsy, which is nice to see. They are fun to make and relatively easy. I might even have a bulk order of 200 hundred coming up. WOW. That would be awesome. :-)

Back to work, talk to you soon!

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