Monday, October 26, 2009

Upcoming Shows

Oh the week before the week of Craft Show mania has begun! That means I have 11 days until Russelville, Which is exciting because I really like craft show atmospheres. Joyful, bright, and helloooo crafts! haha.

Anyway, so here is the craft show schedule where I will be this year:

Nov. 7 - Russellville
Nov. 14- Anderson High School
Nov. 21 - St. Georgetown Church, Georgtown
Dec. 5- Florence KY

For more information see my shop:

I am very excited about the shows, and they should be a great time, and have a great turnout, especially if this great weather keeps up! I ate lunch outside today at work, yum!

Goals for this week:

* 5 headbands
*10 pair of earrings
*9 baby headbands
*5 necklaces
*5 bracelets

Can it be done? We shall see!

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