Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Clock and New Friends

Craft shows have been going great! Last weekend I got the cutest clock I've ever seen!

I put it on the wall between the TV and the stairs, I love how it looks! I met these sisters at the craft show, they set up together! Brittany is the sister that did this adorable clock! She takes old records and paints on them! Then adds the clock part. Awesome! And a steal at $20! Her Etsy shop is here:

Brittany's sister, Carlee, is setting up at the next craft show in Georgetown! I'm so glad there was space for her because her stuff is seriously sooo cute! I am going to get one of these for Chase, my nephew/godson:

Isn't it adorable??? Her etsy shop is here !

Their other sister makes really awesome hand cut cards, and she'll be at the Georgetown craft show too! I am excited about this show, and also excited that after it, I only have one more weekend of shows until FEBRUARY! yay!!!

All for now. It's rainy out today! Yuck!


  1. Oh my gosh, you just made my day! It was great meeting you on Saturday - good luck with the Georgetown craft fair this Sat :)

  2. Thanks Brittany! Good meeting you too!