Monday, October 11, 2010

Got some stamps and ink pad for my cute notes to add to my orders! I am loving the "Owl be thinking of you today" one!! Totally awesome for everyone who orders an owl hat!

I also found some AWESOME printed packing tape. I have been looking for cheapo ones online with no luck. Walked into Michael's today and found them all on sale for a buck!! Woo Hoo!

Good random trip to Michael's. :-)

Also check out the cute headband that I made this weekend:

And last topic of the day: The Appalachian Artisan's Fest was this past weekend and was a huge success! I had a blast meeting new people and seeing old ones. And I sold a good amount of hats, which is always a good thing :-) Here are some pics:

Shannon and I FREEZING in the AM, roasting in the PM all weekend!

Eating my first ever Turkey Leg... Sorry Mr. Turkey, I'm not impressed.

All in all a great weekend !! Now to start catching myself up on my etsy orders! EEK!

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