Thursday, October 21, 2010

Amanda and Ricky... Married!

One of my best friends Manda got married the end of May. It was such a beautiful wedding and I finally got all of her pictures uploaded to Facebook so I wanted to share a few with you!!!

Funny groomsmen with the groom! These boys have been friends forever! All through highschool and after, these guys can always be seen together...

Cute picture of Ricky holding Amanda's dress while they walk off to take photos... so cute!

The awesome favors that Amanda found on Etsy at Nature Favors shop! What a neat idea and people really loved these! I actually had to pick my car up from her house the next day after they had left for their honeymoon... these were still sitting on their porch from the night before so yes Manda, I stole a few more for myself! :-)

Yes, That's MY boyfriend Rick putting the garder on my friend and fellow bridesmaid Kandice. lol. She caught the bouquet (even though I put up a good fight) and he caught the garder.

Awesome editorial shot of Amanda and Ricky on the property surrounding the wedding site.

Amanda and Ricky's little son, Brody. Although he was not too happy during the ceremony, he perked up once the sun went down and he wasn't so stuffy and hot in that cute little suit of his!

Nice shot of the men.

The beautiful bride! We have known each other for 13 years! Wow. I had to add all that up on my fingers... I can't believe it's been so long! We met in 6th grade. :-)

The bridesmaids with Amanda! From left: Kristen, Me, Kandice, Manda, Brittany, Carly, and Kelly.

The great buttons Manda found from Etsy, in Replica Chicago's store. They were a hit and totally awesome!

The bagpiper! He led Amanda and Ricky from the ceremony site. A very neat touch to the overall experiance of the wedding. I actually have never seen/heard a bagpiper in person before!

Instead of a guest book, guest wrote wishes to Amanda and Ricky. They read them all on the way to their honeymoon the next day!

The groom looking his best! Great picture!! Amanda and Ricky have been together since High School. Crazy!

Wow. What a great wedding and I loved reliving it all from the pictures. Now... when are all my other friends getting married??? :-)

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