Thursday, May 20, 2010

My wish list for the fall

Ok so next week I am moving in with *gasp* my parents. BUT don't worry, it's only for 2.5 months! Just long enough to save some money, and wait until my new apartment is ready. Oh, and plus my roommate is going to Serbia, where she is from, this summer!

My wish list for the upcoming fall (because I don't think it would be worth it to invest in some new hobbies while at my parents... I don't want to carry stuff around and find places to put it, and I'm sure they don't want things all over the house!)

I really want to get a Cuttlebug machine. On Amazon they are only $55 and the embossing folders are like $4! Nice! Also it's a die cutting machine and I just thought how cool would it be if I could find a die cut of my box shapes??? The ones I sell in my Etsy shop! That would cut down SO much on production time you have no clue! Plus it would be super cool to have boxes that are embossed, and also my flowers would look awesome embossed as well.

So that's number one. Number two is yet another adventure of a whole different kind of caliber. I want to get a metal stamping kit! I really want to make personalized stamped jewelry. They are so cool, and I found starter kit on etsy . I totally can see myself making awesome jewelry, and I think it would totally revamp my bridesmaid jewelry line! How cute would it be for your bridesmaids to have personalized silver necklaces, with a pretty colored crystal or pearl?! You can even have them say "MOH" or "BM" instead of their names! Super cute.... doing it!

So we will see..... September here we come!

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