Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The first post....

Hello all! This is my first post to my new "Mya's Eyes" blog. This blog is dedicated to all the jewelry and accessories I happen to be working on at any present time. I'm a big fashionista (actually thanks to the commercials I officially believe I am a Maxxionista since I go to TJ Maxx at least twice a week), and I really enjoy seeing new fashions come and go, and being able to hand make things that are just like the designers, but a lot cheaper, and a lot more fun to wear.

I have been making jewelry for about a year or so, and I really enjoy it. The only problem was that after a couple of hours making jewelry, not only did my hands hurt, but my brain did as well. All that squinting made me realize that I was sure to have eye problems once I got older. Oh well, I thought, tis better to craft and lose eyesight, than never to craft at all..... :-)

We all know the insane fad that is going around right now, thanks to Blair and all her friends from "Gossip Girl". Headbands are making a huge come back and it was my thought that hey, i could make those and not have to spend a million dollars going to boutiques or shopping online. Enter Mod Podge. My favorite craft accessory, Mod Podge can make anything beautiful. haha well not really, but it proved to be a staple article in all my headband making techniques. I will post a few pictures with every new post I make on here, but to see my full line of accessories, please visit www.myaseyes.etsy.com.


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  1. See, now, I really like that header. Good job!